NovuDialog features

The NovuDialog platform contains a set of advanced features you can use and extend. Discover the features that put you in control!

Funnels, surveys, forms

The NovuDialog platform can be used for the development and maintenance of: sales funnels, online surveys, inquiry forms, feedback forms, lead forms, request forms, contact forms, chatbots and more.

Management environment

Manage all your dialogs from a central secure environment. Give team members permission to easily and efficiently view, test, edit and optimize all dialogs.

Release notes

Discover the newest features, enhancements and bug fixes in NovuDialog's release notes.

No-code editing

Give team members permission to make changes to the dialogs in a no-code online editor. Each change is logged and can be reverted at any time.

Every design

Make sure that your dialogs are responsive and look good on any device. The NovuDialog platform enables you to build stable, high performance dialogs based on any interaction design (wireframe).

Out-of-the-box controls

The NovuDialog platform offers an extensive set of out-of-the-box (OOTB) controls/components. Use these well-tested OOTB controls to develop high-quality dialogs and to save development time.


Improve the accessibility of the internet for all people, including the elderly and people with disabilities. NovuDialog controls comply to the Website Accessibility Conformance Evaluation Methodology.

Advanced dependencies

All content and controls in your dialogs can be dependent on multiple (user)data fields. Show or hide a specific question or piece of content based on the known data in the dialog.

Dynamic e-mails

Easily create dynamic e-mails. Design the layout and content of HTML e-mails. Transform the (user)data to show formatted text. Furthermore, use dependencies to show or hide text.

Dynamic PDF files

Configure (user)data to generate dynamic PDF files. Design the layout and content of these files. Generated PDF files can be downloaded directly or can be attached to e-mails.

Save for later

Allow dialog users to save a dialog and return later. The user data can be stored using an encrypted link or in an external data source.

ZIP code search

Use the NovuDialog built-in ZIP code search component to set up a connection with a ZIP code service providor.

Integrate everywhere

Get your integration code and easily integrate your dialog in your favourite CMS or web application. Integrate natively on the page.

Pre-filled fields

Want to change or reuse existing data? Fill the data model with data from external sources and start the dialog with the known data already filled in.

Connected Forms

Start data collection with one form and take the data to the next form. For example, go from a quick quote form to a separate checkout form.

Power Automate

Couple forms with your Power Automate solutions. Create workflows and connect them to your forms for scalable tasks.

Workflows integration

Integrate with workflow management systems, like Microsoft flow or IFTTT, to follow up on tasks from your dialog.

Secure dialog access

Secure the dialog access with OpenID Connect and IdentityServer to only grant access to authorized users. Integrate dialogs in a secure app or an online environment.

Track all user interactions

Use your favourite analytics platform to measure dialog user interactions. Send analytics events to Google Tag Manager (GTM) and analyze them in Google Analytics. Easily extend the analytics event with custom calls.

A/B test everything

Switch two fields or change the colour of a button. Add some focus text or leave a question out. With the NovuDialog platform you can easily A/B test everything.

Drupal Plugin

Integrate your forms in your Drupal website. With our Drupal module, it is easy to show your forms on your pages.


Easily create a variant of your dialog for multiple channels: website, app and chat. Manage all dialogs from a central environment.


Create dialog in multiple languages. The model state persists when switching languages, so no data is lost when a user changes their display language.

Duplicate dialogs

Easily duplicate an existing dialog or reuse parts of existing dialogs. Create a duplicate dialog for a derived product or a (white-label) dialog in minutes.

Data-driven dialogs

The NovuDialog platform has data-driven dialogs. Set up a data model definition with all fields defined and typed. Connect the fields to the controls in the dialog.

Client-side storage

The NovuDialog platform supports several ways to store data on the user's computer and to retrieve it when necessary. This lets you persist data for the active session, save the data for a specific period or set the data to be reused in other dialogs.

Two-way data binding

The NovuDialog platform uses two-way data binding to synchronize between the model and the dialog. When model data changes, so does the dialog, and vice versa.

Custom client commands

In the NovuDialog platform you can create custom client commands. With a client command, specific client interactions can be made without a call to the server. Make a command once and use it in any funnel on any control.

Custom server commands

Create interactions between your dialog and any external service using server commands. The custom command can be coded in an isolated project. Make a command in .NET Core with C# once and use it in any funnel on any control.

Task manager

Calls for external background tasks, short- and long-running; CPU and I/O intensive, can be handled by the task manager. If a background job encounters a problem during execution, it will automatically be retried several times.

Security and data integrity

We put great effort into providing a secure product by performing regular security penetration tests. In order to ensure data integrity, we also make sure that dialog users can only change data that they are allowed to change.

OWASP top 10

Security does not stop at the application level. That is why we adhere to best practices such as the OWASP Top 10 for application and infrastructure configuration.

No storage needed

Storage of client data is optional. If you need to store client data, the data access layer can be connected to a storage provider (Blob Storage, SQL Server, Cosmos DB, etc.). A retention period is configurable. The data access layer prevents SQL injection attacks.

Onion Architecture

The NovuDialog framework is built using ASP.NET Core and implements the Onion Architecture. This provides a composable application and loose coupling of components.

High performance

The NovuDialog platform was built with support for high performance dialogs in mind. Client-server interactions are optimized and only required when necessary. Server calls only contain the datamodel and are secured.

Linear scalability

The NovuDialog framework scales linearly. Need to serve double the users? Scale up the server resources accordingly!

Test before production

In the NovuDialog platform you can choose to use different environments for development stages in a DTAP street. Let your team test and accept all changes to your dialogs before deployment to production.

NuGet feed

Get access to the private NuGet feed to get the packages for your custom NovuDialog project.

Build and release

Set up DevOps build and release pipelines to automate the deployment process of your NovuDialog custom project.

Windows or Linux

The NovuDialog front-end API can be hosted on a Windows or Linux web app in Microsoft Azure or on-premise. Preferred hosting is on Microsoft Azure.

Want to know more?

The NovuDialog platform is made for dialog building and maintenance processes. Do not hesitate to contact us to learn more about the platform and the included features.