Drupal plugin

Drupal plugin

NovuDialog can be used with Drupal 9, using our module.
This module allows you to import your forms, and use them on your Drupal website.

We also have an example Drupal website and you are able to download the module here.

Import your forms

The first step is to install the NovuDialog module on your Drupal website. It must also be enabled.
If the module is successfully enabled, the forms can be imported.
This can be done by going to the structure page, and then clicking on the new link 'NovuDialog'.

Place your forms

To place the imported forms, first navigate to the content page.
Then press the 'add content' button.
From the choices you get, choose the 'Eenvoudige pagina met NovuDialog' option.

The title and body are the same as on a normal page, and they can be filled in normally.
However, there is now also a new field, 'NovuDialog form'. this is a dropdown list of all imported forms.
Choose one of the imported forms here and press the 'Save' button