Your platform for dialog management

NovuDialog is the best platform for building and maintaining dialogs:

  • Sales funnels
  • Webforms
  • Online surveys
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Duplicate your dialog

One-time development, multiple implementations

Use the NovuDialog platform to manage dialogs more efficiently, before and after the first release.

  1. Create your fast, measurable and dynamic dialog (sales funnel, web form or online survey).
  2. Integrate the dialog in your CMS, app and chatbox.
  3. Easily create a variant of your dialog for a specific promotion, white-label website or in another language.
  4. Optimize your dialog based on analytics, user feedback or regulations.
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Improve dialog management

The NovuDialog platform is packed with powerful features that help you to build and maintain quality dialogs.

  • Business users: Use NovuDialog's no-code editor to quickly create the dialogs they envision. They use out-of-the-box components to build dialogs and use their favorite analytics platform to track, measure and A/B test all dialog user interactions.
  • Developers: Use .NET Core to build advanced customizations in an isolated project. They implement custom designs or create a connection between the dialog and any external service/API.
  • Project managers: Manage all dialogs from a central secure environment. They lead their team with an agile approach to quickly deliver new (variants of) quality dialogs, while saving time and money!
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NovuDialog toolset
NovuDialog toolset

A complete toolset

The NovuDialog platform contains a complete set of tools and components for dialog development and maintenance:

  • Portal: View all dialogs and get insights into the per dialog.
  • Editor: Use an online editor to change all text parts and parameters of your dialogs without having to code.
  • Configurator: Easily edit definitions of forms, data-models or resources online via an Excel Add-in.
  • Components: Use standard out-of-the-box controls, style options and a lot of default interaction components.
  • PDF API: Easily create personalized PDFs with the data a dialog user provides.
  • NuGet feed: Stay up-to-date with the latest packages from our NuGet feed.
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Let the experience and expertise of our team become your asset. Our developers know how to build dialogs to perfection.
You can use the NovuDialog platform to build dialogs yourself or ask our team to build (parts of) dialogs for you.

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We believe that we can create the best dialog platform by collaborating with partners who are focused and who complement us.
Want to use the NovuDialog platform to efficiently build and maintain dialogs?

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"NovuDialog keeps all our users happy. The teams that make the questionnaires and reports, the panels that deliver the respondents and the respondents themselves. It supports the whole process. NovuDialog is easy to use and it is still possible to do the most difficult things if you need them."

Steffan Hartzema
Manager Data & Development at WUA