Track dialog user interactions

Use your favorite analytics tool

Analytics tools can provide great insight in the behaviour of dialog users. Therefore, deep integration with analytics tools is one of the key features of the NovuDialog platform.

Event dispatcher

The NovuDialog application offers a configurable event dispatcher. User interactions within your form can trigger an event. After an event is triggered it is, along with the associated data, dispatched to an analytics implementation. In NovuDialog you can create custom events and define precisely which data object you want to sent when an event is triggered. All data available can be used in the data object. The following events are available by default:

  • Value in an input value
  • Selection of an item in a dropdown- or radio button list
  • Click on the information tooltip
  • Validation error
  • Button click
  • Entering a step in the funnel
  • Leaving a step in the funnel
  • Dialog (step) load

Google Tag Manager (GTM)

Analytics tools can be integrated by adding JavaScript connected to the Event Dispatchers triggers. By default, NovuDialog provides support for Google Tag Manager (GTM) integration. The dialog interaction data enters GTM and is from there sent to Google Analytics. Keep in mind that most analytics tools, like Google Analytics, do not allow the transfer of personal information.

Azure Application Insights

By default NovuDialog also offers an analytics implementation for Azure Application Insights. This means that the captured events can out-of-the-box be triggered in Azure Application Insights.