Power Automate

Power Automate

With Power Automate you can easily create powerful flows that automatically performs tasks. NovuDialog gives you the possibility to connect these flows to your forms.

What is Power Automate?

Power Automate is a platform developed by Microsoft where you can create automatic workflows. These workflows consist of a trigger and following actions. The advantage of Power Automate is that you can easily and quickly create flows without any programming knowledge. It offers you and your bussiness a fast way to implement new functionalities. Read more.

NovuDialog & Power Automate

With NovuDialog you can easily create a form from which a request, containing all entered data, can be sent to Power Automate. You then have multiple options and connections in Power Automate to set up the follow-up process for your organization. For example, it is possible to receive a notification when a form has been completed and at the same time automatically send a confirmation email to the submitter of the form. List of connectors