Save for later

Help users finish dialogs

People often do not have all information ready, do not have enough time and like to reconsider proposals. In order to ensure that people come back to your dialog you can add a save & return button. If a user decides to save the dialog, a personalized link will be send to his or her email. All the user needs to do, to get back to the dialog is to click on this link.

How data is stored

After a partially completed dialog is saved, a link is generated. This is a URL consisiting of an encrypted parameter. The paramater shows which dialog fields must be prefilled with which user data.
By default no dialog data is stored in a database. The dialog data can be stored in a personalized encrypted link. In order to ensure that people cannot go back to a partially completed dialog forever, you can configure the amount of days users get to finish a dialog.

Connect to other applications

Connect the save for later command to applications like your CRM (like SalesForce) or email campagne-tool. Moreover, you can ask "save for later" users if they want to sign up for your newsletter with the email address they provide.