Dynamic dialogs with advanced dependencies

Easily add conditional logic to your dialogs

With the NovuDialog platform you can easily add advanced dependencies to your dialogs. By adding dependencies (conditional logic), you make sure to only show dialog users the questions and texts that are relevant to them. This allows you to guide users through your dialogs in a clear, logical and therefore user-friendly way. With Novudialog you can use dependencies to:

  • Show or hide parts of dialogs: Depending on the given answers in your dialog, you might want to display an additional question or piece of informational text. You can easily set this up with NovuDialog.
  • Add dependencies with multiple rules: Chances are that you have form fields or questions that depend on multiple answers. For example, being allowed to choose a certain coverage for a car insurance may depend on the age of the driver and car-specific data. This kind of advanced dependency can be configured relatively easily with NovuDialog.
  • Skip entire dialog steps: Oftentimes, data on a specific topic is collected in each dialog step. Chances are that certain topics, and thus dialog steps, are not relevant to certain users. Using dependencies, you make sure that irrelevant form steps are not shown.