Maintaining dialogs

See how the NovuDialog platform can help you to maintain dialogs:
adaptive maintenance, track & measure, keep optimizing and stay up-to-date.

NovuDialog tools you can use to edit forms Keep all dialogs up and running

Adaptive maintenance

The NovuDialog application is monitoring all dialogs in production to spot any error or hick-up in availability.

When the dialogs are in production you want to be able to make changes easily. For example, some changes to the dialog may be necessary due to regulations, product adjustments or marketing promotions. The NovuDialog platform enables you to complete those small changes easily and bring them to production quickly.

Track & measure

Track and measure user interactions to analyze and improve the conversion ratio of your dialogs. Create A/B tests without having to write a single line of code.
Keep track of all dialog interactions in your favorite analytics tool like Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics or Tealium.

NovuDialog Analytics Track all interactions in your analytics tool
Use a DTAP release street

Keep optimizing

Your own online environment lets you simultaneously develop new features based on business requirements, user feedback or analytics.
Moreover, each team member is able to track all adjustments through a release street. Once the entire team is satisfied, update the dialog in the live environment.

Maintaining a dialog is a continuous improvement process!