Every design is possible

A user-friendly form design

The design of a dialog has a large influence on the user experience. Therefore, the NovuDialog platform enables you to build stable and fast dialogs based on any interaction design (wireframe). All parts of your dialog can be styled to match your corporate identity. Choose for example which colors, fonts, images and logo you want to add to your webforms.

Add customizations in an isolated project

You can choose to use a pre-made template and add your own custom CSS to it or to design a dialog theme from scratch. All parts of each of your dialogs can be styled to match your corporate identity. Choose colors, a font, include images and add your logo.

Data layer versus layout layer

Within the NovuDialog platform you create data-driven forms in which the data layer is disconnected from the layout layer. You link each field in your dialogs to a field in your data model. This allows you to change the styling of the dialog and specific dialog fields completely without having to worry about entered data no longer being stored or processed by external services correctly.

Development support

Do you want to develop dialogs in which it is a challege to ask a complex number of questions in a user-friendly way? Then you should know that our experienced team of programmers is happy to help you create a custom user-friendly dialog. Discover the possibilities of development support on our website or give us a call.