Vrije Universiteit & NovuDialog

How NovuDialog questionnaires help students of Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam validate their choice of study.

A new Study Choice Check questionnaire

A Study Choice Check is included in the registration process of Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU). The Study Choice Check helps students determine whether they have chosen the right study programme or not. The check includes a mandatory questionnaire. This questionnaire has been given a completely new look using the NovuDialog platform.

Building the questionnaire with NovuDialog

For VU, a new NovuDialog project was set up. In this project, the VU corporate identity has been added to the standard questionnaire components available in the NovuDialog platform. Furthermore, a connection has been established with back-office systems of VU. This enables VU to process and analyze the Study Choice Check data as desired. The result? A user-friendly questionnaire which is seamlessly integrated into the registration process on vu.nl.

VU studiekeuzecheck vragenlijst A part of the Study Choice Check questionnaire

A report for every student

After filling out the questionnaire, the prospective student will receive the results of the Study Choice Check in an individual report. In this report, the student can immediately find more information about how the chosen study fits. The report also provides insight into how the student scores in certain areas compared to the average VU student. Like the questionnaire, the report is also created with the NovuDialog platform. The collected Study Choice Check data and the reports are sent directly to the relevant VU systems.

"With Novusoft as our supplier, we brought in a very good partner. We are very satisfied with the extensive possibilities of the NovuDialog platform, but also with their expertise in the field of forms and questionnaires. The cooperation during the implementation was pleasant and professional. "

VU medewerker
Elroy Huijsman
Process manager at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

VU employees in charge

VU has it's own in-house researchers who know exactly what a great Study Choice Check questionnaire looks like. Using myNovuDialog, they can easily adjust or add questions and texts, both in the Study Choice Check questionnaire, and in the report. This way, employees who understand the content are directly in control and can, in most cases, make changes without the help of a programmer.

Key benefits of NovuDialog for VU

  • A user-friendly questionnaire and report matching the VU corporate identity. Seamlessly integrated into the registration process on vu.nl.
  • VU employees are using myNovuDialog to adjust the questions and texts in the questionnaire and in the report.
  • Even at peak times, when many students complete the questionnaire at the same time, it continues to work well.

About the Study Choice Check

The Dutch government regulates that every student in the Netherlands who applies for a programme at a university or college of higher education is entitled to a Study Choice Check. In addition to completing a questionnaire, this check can also consist of an activity, such as an orientation day or an interview with someone from the program.
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